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Mission 2: The Labyrinth by Stixus
Mission 2: The Labyrinth
:iconethernitas:  :iconethernitas:  :iconethernitas:

"Down they ventured, through corridors of centuries past. As if frozen in time without regard for the outside world. Runes lost in translation, and shadows that threatened to consume them whole, these were the simplest of concerns for the boy, unaware of things that lingered in the darkness...."


Art created 50% Shroom/50% Stix~

It's hard to say who did what since the file was constantly traded between us; but it is safe to say it was an interesting collaboration. With barely enough time time really to do what we wanted we managed to pull through in time despite the odds. Shroom is honestly one of the best people I know, and a very dear friend of mine. I was so lucky they agreed to work on this picture, and turned out looking as good as it did because of their skills and hard work. Thank you Shroom for everything and this opportunity. 

Navin Malakar (c) :iconjollymushroom:

Cale (c) :iconstixus:

Sabeen (c) :icontrix-ster:
Ethernitas- Callum [Cale] by Stixus
Ethernitas- Callum [Cale]


Name:  Callum [aka. Cale]

Age: 156 (physically appears to be 26)

Race: Atherian (original species)

                The Atheri are a proud race of biological wind elementals native to northern Zeventus.  Residing primarily in the ancient, stone-walled    mountain city of Nevareth located within the Misty Mountains, the Atheri are an isolated community with a population of just over 1,200 native individuals.

                In a continent renowned for its overwhelming technological advancement and inventive prowess, Nevareth sits stale and unchanging amidst a sea of scientific achievement.  A historic and conservative society, Nevareth’s largest fault lies in their reliance on outdated customs and ancient tradition (future race development, yo~!).  Though they have long since fallen behind in the technological world due to their isolation, they are a people of honor and dignity, and as such honor a long-established pledge of allegiance to the Zeventus matriarchy.

                The average Atherian lifespan extends to approximately 600 y/o, though a few decades more or less has been recorded. 

Personality:   + Independent  ||  + Steady  ||  + Honorable  ||  - Sarcastic  ||  - Callous  ||  - Proud

                Though once a high-spirited, energetic child, Cale’s personality has shifted over time, and more represents the Atherian cultural norm.  Cale is practical, to-the-point, and does most things with a specific intent.  He is not afraid to speak his mind and is very objective-oriented.  Cale’s guarded or slightly callous exterior often turns people away from friendship, though once friendship is gained his full-hearted loyalty comes with it.  He responds physically to invasions of personal space, or with uncomfortable sarcasm and dry humor if the invader is a close friend.  Internally, Cale is compassionate at his core, and often can’t help himself but to meddle in others’ affairs if he feels his assistance is necessary. 


                Born and raised ‘Callum’ in Atherian society, he was once a very spirited child.  Innocent energy bustling around a muted city, his hyperactive antics once got him in a lot of trouble, but it never quite seemed to slow him down.  In Nevareth, the Atherian city, Callum formed a bond with a kind-hearted doctor, one of the few adults in the community that would entertain his antics and tell him stories and share ideals that wouldn’t quite make sense until Callum himself reached adulthood.  Years later, the doctor disappeared without warning, leaving Callum with more questions and emotions than he knew what to deal with. 

                At 150 years old, Callum had completed his mandated education and training and was set to be celebrated as an adult in Atherian society.  The questions he’d developed as a child remained planted firmly in his mind however, and Callum understood such questions could not be answered in Nevareth alone.  So he left his Atherian brothers and sisters, disappearing like the doctor before him. 

                For the past six years, Callum has been traveling Velandi, experiencing life and culture in the various regions of the separate continents.  Introducing himself as ‘Cale’ now, he makes his living off of mercenary work and other odd jobs, and though his heart lies with his homeland, he hopes to one day reunite with the doctor who left Nevareth over a century ago, and is willing to travel the extent of the globe to find him and perhaps gain some insight into his questions yet unanswered…



    - Naeru (Archery)

His natural weapon and the one he neglects most often.  His skill with a bow far surpasses his skill with a sword, though he still has a lot to learn.

(‘Naeru’ is the name of his bow he was given as he came to adulthood in his native society.)

    - Faebring (Swordsmanship)

Though his swordsmanship is not his greatest skill, he can parry with the average swordsman long enough to allow his companions to escape the area if need be.  He prefers to use his sword over his bow, for reasons yet undefined, and grows more adept at swordplay with each competitor he faces.  (Though his success rate probably leaves a lot to be desired…)

(Faebring is the name of his one-handed sword, which he earned by accomplishment in Nevareth.)

    - Aenai’ael (Ancestral Grace)

Each member of native Atherian descent is born with a physiological ether-based energy infused with their physical bodies, as naturally as one’s skin or skeleton, referred to as Aenai’ael.  The abilities this element is capable of producing is purely dependent on two things: 1.) the overall levels and stability of ether in the individual’s surrounding environment, and 2.) the individual’s skill in terms of ether-manipulation.  Aenai’ael manifests in three ways:

Aenai’ael Hali (Elemental Wings)

When this ability manifests in the form of wings, they protrude from their upper back, granting the individual with the ability of flight.  This biological element physically displays in the form of avian wings protruding from one’s upper back.  The average Atherian’s wings look like typical high-speed bird wings, though the coloration varies.  The brighter or more purer the wings look, the more skilled or advanced the user is.  Atherian elders’ wings look less like bird wings and more like pure tendrils of energy flowing from their core.  Cale’s wings resemble the off-white colored wings one might see on a dove.

Aenai’ael Versare (Telepathic Conversation)

The Atheri are all connected biologically and mentally through Aenai’ael.   Any member of the Atheri can speak to another Atherian verbally, or through this energy.  This elemental conversation occurs exactly the same as verbal conversation, simply not out loud (they CANNOT read each other’s minds, simply talk to each other).  Because of this, to the casual observer, it may appear as though the Atherians interact solely with passing glances or extended eye contact, though they generally converse out loud if in non-native company.

Aenai’ael Li (Accelerated/Decelerated Healing)

If the individual does not allow their wings to manifest for an extended duration of time (for instance, if they don’t use their wings for a month), their energy builds up internally, and this natural energy can accelerate the healing process in small amounts (a bruise might heal in two and a half days rather than three), though if one over-uses their wings, the healing process will be hindered and the user will feel weakened and exhausted.


Status Points:

Strength: 25

Vitality: 22

Agility: 23 

Dexterity: 40

Ether: 15

Transformation: 0


Navin Malakar (aka. “Navi”)- 

A strange boy he met a few months ago on an expedition in southern Zeventus.  Either thinks too much or not at all, there didn’t seem to be an in-between.   The kid is reckless, detached, and asks way too many questions.  Despite that, his heart seems to be in the right place, and Cale can’t help but to notice that he looks at the world with a certain kind of innocence that reminds the mercenary of something he can’t quite put his finger on…
Navin (c) :iconjollymushroom:

“Sena” or “The Snake Thing” (Sabeen)-

He never should have let Navi name the damn thing.  If it hadn’t saved their lives, Cale would have gotten rid of it weeks ago; he still wasn’t sure he owed it anything.  Between the noise-making, hissing and biting, insatiable appetite, and midnight playtimes, Cale wonders if he hasn’t adopted a small child rather than a pet…
Sabeen (c) :icontrix-ster:

Nuka-doodle~ by Stixus

Had an urge to paint again the other night, and who better than Trix's little cutie, Nuka~!  I'll be back soon and able to post more sketchy stuff soon once I've got better internet again...  TuT

Find Nuka here and check out Trix's page while you're at it!:

Pokedo: Nuka by Trix-ster
PokedoEmpire NPC App: Weilin Inori by Stixus
PokedoEmpire NPC App: Weilin Inori

Name:  Weilin Inori

Pokemon:  Scyther

Faction:  Empire (Capital City)

Age:  26

Height:  6’3”

Ability:  Swarm- Boosts power of Bug-type moves by 50% when at 1/3 HP or less


-Swords Dance(Normal)
- Aerial Ace (Flying)
- Brick Break (Fighting)
- Quick Attack (Normal)

Job/Occupation:  Wandering Samurai (totes unemployed, baha)


    -          Trees (don’t ask; he just does)

    -          Natural sounds (rustle of leaves, running waters, rain)

    -          Training (physical or mental- either are refreshing)

    -          Bitter foods


    -          Fire/ Strong heat

    -          Surprises

    -          Super spicy foods


+ Disciplined  ||  + Honorable  ||  + Responsible  ||  - Habitual  ||  - Short-sighted  ||  - Tense

Weilin is a disciplined hard worker, almost to a fault; he is most comfortable when he has a job to do, and often creates busy work for himself when he does not.  He dislikes being idle, and isn’t the greatest at sitting still or relaxing, unless meditating.  Through the years, Weilin’s experiences have taught him humility and respect, and he exhibits both of these qualities almost religiously (with the exception of a few people…).

Weilin often appears stoic and unfriendly, and is not much of a conversationalist to strangers.  He is wary, but this is not to say that he is hostile, and will engage in pleasant small-talk if prompted.  Though not exhibited often, Weilin’s humor is that of a dry wit, and very sarcastic, which he tends to display only around his closer relationships.



The eldest son of the main branch of the Inori clan, Weilin grew up in the traditional Yamanashi region of the empire.  Raised to be a leader and a warrior, the young heir’s world flipped on its head in a single night, changing the course of his destiny forever.

The Inori clan was one of few families in the Yamanashi region that proactively supported the Empire’s military, and sent men to the Capital to become warriors.  Weilin, among several others, was one of these warriors.  The family’s progressive attitude caused an aggressive rift between themselves and many other families in the region, and the Inori clan garnered many enemies in their homeland.

Weilin was serving in the Capital when he received a summons from his superior officer-  He was being sent back to the Yamanashi region with all of his Inori family members serving beside him.  No additional information was given, and no explanation.  Feeling more like a prisoner than a soldier, Weilin and his relatives were finally informed of the situation upon arriving in Yamanashi.

The Inori clan had been accused of treason, and it was up to them to prove otherwise.  Their only option: voluntary execution.  Being the only Inori men in the capital, the capital had concluded they must be the spies the Inori clan was accused of harboring in the Empire’s locus.  Their options were clear: sacrifice themselves for the good of their family, or submit their family to the Empire’s wrath and be executed regardless.  It was a simple choice.

But Weilin was young, and an idealist then.

Unable to watch his brothers executed before him, Weilin fought, desperate for a third option.  It was a short-lived act of naïve bravery, and the heir to the Inori clan had underestimated the might of the Empire’s military.  His brothers were executed, and Weilin was forced to watch as the Capital’s military flooded his village with fire and violence- ensuring that no one, not his mother or father, nor his little brother or sister, or his grandparents and neighbors- no one- made it out alive.

Their screams will ring in his ears until the day he dies.

Such is the price of safety in the Empire.

Years later, Weilin has become a nomad- a wandering samurai with all the skills necessary to be a warrior and a leader, but the lack of confidence and desire to employ them.  Weilin carries the weight of hundreds of deaths on his shoulders, a weight that he chooses to carry, and it wasn’t until he met the wandering Flareon, Atim Joo, that he found a purpose to strive for while he carries the weight of his burdens.

Currently, Weilin travels and serves as a bodyguard for Atim and his partner, Gina Nishida, forming an unlikely trio that wanders wherever their needs see fit, providing them with many adventures now and to come.


    -          Atim Joo

Having once had his life saved by this man, Weilin has since been honor-bound to him indefinitely.  Weilin currently serves as his travelling companion and bodyguard, though he knows little about Atim’s background other than that he is far more skilled at combat than he lets on. 

A constant mystery to Weilin, Atim is nothing if not laidback, and his carefree demeanor is sometimes off-putting to the tense samurai.  Between bouts of laziness and lighthearted jest, Weilin occasionally senses an underlying strength about the man he travels with, reminding him of the bond he shares with Atim, and the debt he owes.

    -          Gina Nishida

Quite possibly the most charismatic and often irritating woman he has ever met, Gina has a knack for grating on the man’s nerves, and making him feel guilty about it all at once.  Weilin is often startled by the ‘devil may care’ attitude Gina possesses, and despite his frustrations with her, he can’t say that he doesn’t respect her abilities with her silver tongue, and her strength in character.

Fun Facts:

    -          Lives by meditation, and has the ability of completely shutting out his surroundings while being entirely aware of them

    -          Is an extremely light sleeper

    -          Will run himself to exhaustion, and eventually will collapse and sleep for up to the larger part of a day to restore his mind and body

    -          Is extraordinarily uncomfortable with fire- almost a phobia

Additional Information:

    -          Carries two swords, twin blades, though will never draw them in battle, instead choosing to rely on his moveset and other martial art skills to engage in battle (though he does have a number of other small weapons [including small blades] he will use in battle)

    -          Almost always wears his armor, except when sleeping (unless catnapping) or other circumstances dictate the need to remove it (when in battle, Weilin is twice as fast without the armor, but still chooses to wear it unless absolutely necessary to take off)

    -          Having once escaped the clutches of the Empire’s decisive grip, Weilin is extremely cautious around military figures, and tries to avoid them entirely, lest they discover his identity and he be hanged for treason and a number of other charges.  (Nothing major, just execution, ya’know~  ;})

    -          Was married once- an arranged marriage- and now widowed, as his wife succumbed to chronic illness after only a year of marriage.

Types of RP:  Lit or script; I’m not picky, but I am slow!


Weilin will be available for rp within the Pokedo Empire chatrooms, and a few note or comment rps, given my schedule.  Just ask~!

Gina and Atim belong to the lovely Trix-ster~!

*putting JollehBee in here for the moral support~  >B}*


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